Businesses and residential homes aren’t the only ones who need a proper electrical system in order to operate efficiently. An industrial business owner cannot afford power outages or emergency repair services that always show up late. Avoid the risk and choose a company offering great electrical services with a personal touch of old fashion ethics.

General Electrical Installations

Juniper Mountain Electric has experience in various general electrical installations, repairs and maintenance. Every general electrical installation executed by our company comes with a safety guarantee. Never take chances when it comes to your business. Choose someone you can rely on to meet your general electric needs.

New Construction

Unlike other companies who claim to understand industrial needs, Juniper Mountain Electric knows the needs of industrial businesses. If you are currently building a new industrial area and need electrical services, don’t hesitate to call or schedule an appointment. Our team of experts will happily offer you advice and electrical services needed to complete your project.

Remodel and Retrofits

Industrial buildings often require a total makeover to operate most effectively, and therefore, electrical installations are also needed. Our team of highly skilled professionals are equipped to provide any electrical installations or upgrades for industrial remodels and retrofits.


Are you having an electrical problem in one of your industrial buildings you can’t diagnose? Call the experts of Juniper Mountain Electric. We stay on top of the industries latest technological advancements, helping us to not only diagnose the problem, but to fix the issue as well.

PLC & motor controls

Juniper Mountain Electric is an expert in the field of programmable logic controllers and motor controls. If you require PLC & motor controls or if you are having problems with your current installation, we will be happy to assist you in every step of the way.

Data Cabling

All data connections should run smoothly in any industrial building. This is why many IT specialists often refer industries to electrical experts. Juniper Mountain Electric can ensure your data cabling is installed properly with long-lasting connections throughout your building, provide maintenance options, help you to fix any issues with your current installation setup, or help you to meet any required upgrades.

Equipment moves, additions & changes

Juniper Mountain Electric offers equipment moves, additions and changes for industrial buildings. We understand most industrial equipment is expensive, so we handle each situation with extreme care. We have years of experience in the industrial industry and know the processes for equipment moves, additions, and changes.

Exit Signs and Egress Lights

Safety is one of the vital components of any industry. It is why exit signs and emergency lighting are so important. Juniper Mountain Electric installs the highest quality exit signs and emergency lighting, as well as help you to maintain your existing structure.

Preventative Maintenance

Juniper Mountain Electric offers a preventative maintenance service to help ensure your industrial building keeps running smoothly. Preventative maintenance can prevent power outages and/or equipment breaks, saving you money in the long run.

Florescent Repairs

Florescent repairs are another service of Juniper Mountain Electric. Florescent lights can become a problem after time has passed. They can start to flicker, one of the bulbs could work sporadically; in order to run an efficient industrial business, you need your florescent lighting to work at optimum levels at all times. If you are experiencing problems with your florescent lighting, call upon our skilled professionals for a quick and efficient repair.

Parking Lot Lighting

Keep the parking lot of your industrial building safe with proper lighting. Visibility can prevent accidents and lower crime rates. Ensure your structure is properly lit both inside and outside. Juniper Mountain Electric offers emergency/urgent repairs, maintenance services, and/or upgrades and installations.

Serving property management companies and HOAs

Juniper Mountain Electric often deals with property management companies and homeowners associations. We keep up-to-date on current codes and regulations to help offer you renovation or code correction solutions quickly.

Service Upgrades

Sometimes your industrial business may be expanding so quickly you are in urgent need of an electrical upgrade. It can be your current system is not up to the task or it may be showing some irregularities. If you need any urgent electrical upgrades, contact our professionals immediately and we will work with you to provide the necessary upgrades in the shortest amount of time.

Code Corrections

Has your current industrial building recently had some electrical code violations? It so, it doesn’t have to mean the end of your business. Juniper Mountain Electric is there for you. We keep up on the latest electrical codes so we can implement the necessary changes as quickly as possible.

Lighting Maintenance

For years, Juniper Mountain Electric has offered professionalism and experience in lighting maintenance. By maintaining your lights regularly, you can prevent a large amount of future problems.

Machine Hook-Ups

Juniper Mountain Electric has been working in the industrial field for years and is very familiar with the various types of machinery. The purchase of a new machine does not have to be an impossible task, just call on someone with affordable electrical service for machine hook-ups.

Inspection and Testing

Our professionals inspect and test a large number of electrical equipment, including but not limited to: outlets, machine connections, data wiring, lighting and more. In order to ensure the proper functionality of your business, Juniper Mountain Electric can regularly test the electrical infrastructure of your building.

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