Juniper Mountain Electric is ready to and willing to handle all your commercial electrical needs. We provide various commercial electrical services from minor installations and repairs to electrical services for new building projects. Discover all our cost-effective services for the commercial industry and experience how easy electrical installations can be.

Serving property management companies and HOAs

Juniper Mountain Electric is GPRO certified and specializes in:

  • New Electrical Installations
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Property Management Electrical Maintenance and Testing
  • Homeowners Associations Maintenance and Testing

Juniper Mountain Electric offers ongoing, year-round maintenance for all your commercial property needs. If you run a property management company, or are part of a homeowners association, don’t hesitate to call for our services.

Service Upgrades

Does your existing commercial electrical system need an upgrade? Take advantage of our high quality service upgrades and experience your service with a smile.

Code Corrections

When your current commercial electrical needs are not aligned with building code requirements, you might find yourself buried under a mountain of mandatory adjustments. Don’t let code corrections get you down, Contact Us today. Juniper Mountain Electric can give you a quick and professional estimate of the changes you need, and we can take care of the new installations and/or upgrades for you.

Remodel and Retrofit

Whether you’re planning a commercial remodel or retrofit, you can rely on Juniper Mountain Electric. Our team of highly professional electricians are ready, and can create a specialized electrical environment to fit any and all your electrical needs.

Tenant Finish

When reconfiguring commercial structures, you need an electrical company you can rely on. Juniper Mountain Electric can help with new electrical installations, electrical remodels, and/or electrical alterations, allowing your building to be perfect for your new tenant.

New Construction

New commercial construction projects need impeccable electrical installations. Put your trust in a company willing to go the extra mile for valued customers and contact Juniper Mountain Electric today for all your electrical needs, for your new construction project.

Machine Hook-Ups

Hooking a machine up to the grid should only be done by experienced electrical professionals. Mistakes cannot only bring harm to the electrical system, but to your health as well. Juniper Mountain Electric has experience with various types of machine hook-ups, and can quickly and efficiently install your new equipment.

Lighting Maintenance

Commercial buildings constantly use light, and in doing so require an occasional upkeep. Regular lighting maintenance prevents a variety of problems from arising in the future. Help keep your commercial lighting at its best, and contact us today.


Do you use electrically powered signage for your commercial business, but have no idea how to install it? Juniper Mountain Electric will install the electrical source for your signs and  ensure the source is properly functioning before your sign installer comes.

Fluorescent Repairs

Fluorescent lighting or fixtures are used by many businesses. Unfortunately, the longer fluorescents are used the more damaged they can become. Therefore, fluorescent lighting can require repairs and maintenance. Juniper Mountain Electric offers all types of electrical fluorescent repairs in the Denver Metro area.

Inspections and Testing

A commercial business depends on the proper functioning of its electrics. This often requires someone to inspect your electrical system and test to make sure it can handle your electrical needs. Juniper Mountain Electric offers multiple inspection and test services at very affordable rates.

Emergency Services

Juniper Mountain Electric is a family-run business. We understand the urgent needs of commercial businesses. Thanks to our effective methods, we are able to respond quicker to emergencies than our competitors. Our emergency services are comprehensive and fast; and we always aim to fix a problem on the same day.

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